Kick off meeting – Barcelona 25th – 29th January 2015


Getting to know each other

Although some of the partners had previously worked together not all had. This meeting provided an opportunity for us all to get to know each other and to find out about the different organisations represented.

1st meeting around table

The key factor within all but one of the organisations is training. Eight of the nine organisations are actively developing and providing training opportunities as part of their work. XES are different. They are a Social Solidarity Economy network consisting of organisations and businesses operating in and around Barcelona. Strength in numbers with a commitment to demonstrating that business can be successful within a democratic, equitable and sustainable ethos.


The main purpose and content of the meeting was in planning the partnerships activities.

A broad timetable was agreed with detailed plans for the implementation of the projects intellectual outputs was set.

Activities (Follow the link for a summary of each activity)

Broad timetable

Management / Communication / Evaluation

As always the Activities are the most interesting part of any project. However, every projects success or failure is determined by the quality of its management.

This was not neglected – A framework and strategy was established in order to facilitate the Management, communication, evaluation and reporting processes of the partnership.

Both a strategy and platform were established for the sharing of information and to facilitate collaborative working on the partnerships activities.

Expectations / challenges

The working language of the project is English but discussions around the definition of SSE were difficult due to the differences in understanding in key terminology. It highlighted the differences that exist, not only between us as organisations, but also the national differences in understanding and defining SSE.

There was also a noticeable difference in how the participating organisations responded politically to the Social and Solidarity Economy.

These are not problems but are challenges to be faced within the spirit of SSE that we all agreed on:

Prioritizing the satisfaction of human needs through a commitment to the natural and social environment above personal gain. With the integration of democracy, participation and solidarity seen as fundamental elements of economic activity.

The consensus was at the end of the meeting:

  • We advanced in common understanding
  • We were inspired and motivated
  • We took ownership