Final Evaluation Meeting

From Monday 21st – Thursday 24th November 2016, the partners met together at the office of  Kaléido’Scop, in St Etienne France, to discuss and evaluate the project.

The evaluation process was about remembering, and focusing not only on the products; Research, Portfolio of Competencies, Training Manual, The Game and the forth coming Final Event, but also on the process and the people. We recognised that even though we had been process and product driven, we were, as a group still able to take care of the people that had been involvedand hadnt lost site of the people oriented nature of the products in there development.

As always we recognised things we would have liked to have concentrated more on, but the budget and subsequent time constraints was acknowledged.

The future was a significant aspect of our evaluation, not only the completion of the final aspects or the project, translations, doting the i’s and crossing the t’s etc, and not least, the Final Event, which was due to happen imediately following our eveluation meetings, but also to how we ensure the products, the tools continue to be available and to be developed. There was a genral commitment between all the partners to be proactive in this action within our own organisations and within the limits of our resources to ensure the products continue to be promoted, refined and readily available.