Research – Introduction

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The purpose of this research, which is the starting point for all the partnership activities, is to explore the main characteristics of SSE (Social Solidarity Economy). Identifying the characteristics common across Europe and the specific characteristics within the participating countries, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

  • Identify the main characteristics in relation to organisation structure and legal framework, recognizing the specific differences between countries.
  • Analyse the subjective dynamics that support SSE projects. With specific focus on the recognition of values, abilities, knowledge and attitudes.
  • Identify existing education and training opportunities that support SSE as well as the underlying competencies and training needs framework within which they operate.
  • Contribute to the continued development of SSE, providing opportunities for networking and sharing SSE experiences.

The research will start as a Desk based exercise. This will be followed by the development of Focus Groups to define and test the findings. Focus groups will also contribute to the development of a practical and relevant portfolio of competencies suitable for SSE.

The partner responsible for coordinating the research is Xarxa d’Economia Solidària (XES) from Barcelona, Spain.

Training Manual – Introduction

Training 1

The training manual will be the third of the partnerships activities. It will consist of a range of modules with specific focused activities targeted to the development of the underlying knowledge, skills, attitudes and values identified within the research and developed within the portfolio of competencies. Continue reading

Portfolio of Competencies – Introduction

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This is the second of the partnerships activities – Building on the research a Portfolio consisting of a framework of Competencies (identified, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values) grouped within key thematic areas. Continue reading

Virtual Game – Introduction

Game 1

Under Construction – This game will combine education with entertainment “EDUTAINMENT” + learning. The principle is learning by doing.




This game is not just for entertainment it is a serious game. It will combine content and theory, informed from the research, with game design. It will facilitate understanding, encourage active exploration and allow experimentation without risk.

Although it will be self-contained Its primary purpose will be as a tool to be used with facilitation and feedback within the training modules.

Follow the link for an overview of the games proposed design.

The mechanics of the game will be produced with the help of Idealudica a specialist Game company. Nexus, from Barcelona will oversee the content and the games development.

Final Event / Seminar – Introduction

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This will be the last activity of the partnership. It will be coordinated by Kaléido’Scop and supported by MIFE and University Jean Monnet.

It is planned to take place in St Etienne, France in November 2016. Continue reading